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UnitedHealthcare Community Grants Program

We can help you build healthier communities.

At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we share a common goal with you: to build healthier communities and improve the lives of people in those communities.

We recognize that the work you do is important.  It is our mission to provide the support you need to design impactful community programs, seek and apply for grant funding, and continue to make a real difference.  Through our free trainings and grant guides our Community Grants Program can help make your programs more effective and funding efforts more productive. 


““This training built my confidence and my enthusiasm for grant writing.  The instructor is experienced and does a great job communicating in a well-organized manner. I am a new grant writer and while I am already doing some of the things she recommended, I got quite a bit of good information that I intend to put to use.”  (September 2017 training participant)

“The presenter is highly informed and as a result presents some of the best information for grant writing. I have attended several classes on this subject, but this has been by far the best!” (October 2017 training participant)

Our online trainings are led by a non-profit management expert whose experience as a grant writer, reviewer, and development director allows for unique insight into grant writing at the state, local, and national level.  We also leverage real-life proposal examples to demonstrate what successful program design, evaluation, and funding look like.  Trainings can be accessed by clicking the links below.    

Grant Writing 101

During this training, you’ll learn grant writing tips and gain unique insight to what funders are looking for when reviewing proposals.  We’ll also help you identify what funding your organization needs and what do once a funding decision has been made.   

Take Grant Writing 101

Grant Writing 101 Presentation Deck (PDF 553.98 KB)


Grant Writing 201

During this training, we’ll take you deeper by elaborating on the core elements of a strong proposal—including using quantitative and qualitative data to create a more compelling program description, needs assessment, and program evaluation.  

Take Grant Writing 201

Grant Writing 201 Presentation Deck (PDF 974.48 KB)

Grant Guides are available here as printable PDFs.

October 2018 (PDF 403.33 KB)

September 2018 (PDF 926.8 KB)

August 2018 (PDF 371.54 KB)

July 2018 (PDF 385.57 KB)

June 2018 (PDF 385.64 KB)

May 2018 (PDF 374.42 KB)

April 2018 (PDF 359.08 KB)

March 2018 (PDF 355.04 KB)

February 2018 (PDF 354.44 KB)

January 2018 (PDF 648.04 KB)

Find and apply to additional grant opportunities at

"Thank you for the inspiring presentation. The information answered some of our most challenging questions. The examples provided, 
along with the key fixes, will definitely ease the exacting process of grant writing."

                                                                                           Jo Long, New Day Foundation for Families, Rochester, Michigan


Contact the Community Grants Program at