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Download MRSA Northeast Provider Directory (PDF 9.36 MB) 
Download MRSA Central Provider Directory (PDF 9.56 MB)
Download Travis County Provider Directory (PDF 9.01 MB)
Download Nueces County Provider Directory (PDF 8.87 MB)
Download Harris County Provider Directory (PDF 9.48 MB)
Download Jefferson County Provider Directory (PDF 9.58 MB)

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Links and Resources:

Block Vision Providers (Click Here)

United Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders) Providers (Click here )
       Please note that you may have to accept the terms and agreements before being taken to the provider search page.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Providers (Click here)

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Texas Vitamins and Minerals

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Download (PDF 3.8 MB) the Pharmacy directory to find a location near you.

Click here (PDF 2.06 MB) for a list of pharmacies that deliver.

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