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Healthier Tennessee is one of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's top priorities, involving action promoting healthier behaviors in schools, workplaces and in places of worship. More information is available at www.healthiertn.com.


TN Member Re-Verification: English (PDF 210.58 KB) | Espanol (PDF 99.35 KB)

DentaQuest provides dental care for members under age 21. If you need help finding a dentist call Customer Service at 1-855-418-1622 or TTY/TDD 1-800-466-7566 or visit our website at www.dentaquest.com.

Emergency Crisis Service
A team of counselors helps members obtain emergency care 24 hours a day. Simply call 1-800-867-6758 (TTY/TDD hearing impaired 1-800-486-7914). If a member has a mental health or substance abuse emergency, call United Behavioral Health right away. United Behavioral Health will help guide him or her to the best care for the situation. With an emergency admission, call United Behavioral Health for authorization within 24 hours of admission.

liveandworkwell - Need help dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues? The United Behavioral Health liveandworkwell web site has lots of information that may be helpful to you.

Search for Behavioral Health Providers - Use the United Behavioral Health liveandworkwell clinician web search to search a list of behavioral health professionals who have offices near you.


Need help with a mental health problem? Need help with a drug or alcohol abuse problem?

TennCare members who live in Middle Tennessee can get behavioral health services. These are for people who have a mental health problem. They are also for people who have a substance abuse problem.

We can help you deal with troubles in your family or job. Or if you are just unhappy, we can help. We can also help you or someone you love with a drug or alcohol problem.

Just4teens - Knowledge + Action = Healthier Teens
Did you know that UHCCP has a teen website developed just for your teen?

Adolescence can be a confusing time. Many changes are happening for both teens and parents. Broaden your child’s horizon!! Encourage them to visit the Just4Teens website to learn about good health! The more knowledge your child has, the more success they’ll have in staying healthy! https://www.uhcrivervalley.com/just4teens/

How Do I Get Help?

Call 1-800-690-1606 (TTY/TDD hearing impaired 711) for help. We will find a doctor who can help you the best. This process is called “authorization.” It allows you to get help quickly and easily.

The Tennessee REDLINE is available to provide accurate, up-to-date alcohol, drug, problem gambling, and other addiction information and referrals to all citizens of Tennessee at their request. The toll-free number is 1-800-889- 9789.

You may also visit the liveandworkwell.com Web site. It can help you make the most of your life.

Note: Before you receive services, you must call 1-800-690-1606 (TTY/TDD hearing impaired 711). All services must be authorized.

Please call 1-800-690-1606 to request more information or to join any of our health programs. Select option 1 as a member, and then you will be asked to enter your member ID number. After entering your ID number, press 0 to reach a customer service representative.

Asthma Action Plan (PDF 27.04 KB)
Asthma Care (PDF 21.59 KB)
Care Management (PDF 19.29 KB)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PDF 14.12 KB)
Diabetes Care (PDF 19.95 KB)
Healthy First Steps (PDF 18.73 KB)
Heart Care (PDF 24.4 KB)
Managing Bipolar Disorder (PDF 23.86 KB)
Managing Depression (PDF 22.61 KB)
Managing Schizophrenia (PDF 26.12 KB)
Mental Health Substance Abuse (PDF 10.28 KB)
Nurse Line (PDF 19.52 KB) | View this document in HTML
Quality Management (PDF 19.22 KB)
Transplant Services (PDF 19.27 KB)
Weight Management (PDF 18.95 KB)

Social Security Number Privacy
Protecting personal information is important to UnitedHealth Group companies, so we protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers that we receive. Read Bulletin Details Click here, for more information. (PDF 25.12 KB)

Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF 54.28 KB)


CHOICES East (PDF 2.39 MB)
CHOICES West (PDF 2.24 MB)
CHOICES Middle (PDF 2.44 MB)

Medicaid East (PDF 17.03 MB)
Medicaid West (PDF 5.59 MB)
Medicaid Middle (PDF 18.46 MB)


FIDE East (PDF 6.67 MB)
FIDE West (PDF 3.72 MB)
FIDE Middle (PDF 7.33 MB)


Second Quarter 2018 (English) (PDF 1.33 MB)
Second Quarter 2018 (Español) (PDF 1.32 MB)

First Quarter 2018 (English) (PDF 1.29 MB)
First Quarter 2018 (Español) (PDF 1.51 MB)


Fourth Quarter 2017 (English) (PDF 1.73 MB)
Fourth Quarter 2017 (Español) (PDF 1.72 MB)

Third Quarter 2017 (English) (PDF 1.73 MB)
Third Quarter 2017 (Español) (PDF 7.23 MB)

Second Quarter 2017 (English) (PDF 4.84 MB)
Second Quarter 2017 (Español) (PDF 4.75 MB)

First Quarter 2017 (English) (PDF 4.84 MB)
First Quarter 2017 (Espanol) (PDF 4.75 MB)


Fourth Quarter 2016 (English) (PDF 1.98 MB)
Fourth Quarter 2016 (Espanol) (PDF 1.92 MB)

Third Quarter 2016 (English) (PDF 1.74 MB)
Third Quarter 2016 (Espanol) (PDF 1.87 MB)

Second Quarter 2016 (English) (PDF 6.97 MB)
Second Quarter 2016 (Espanol) (PDF 996.1 KB)

First Quarter 2016 (English) (PDF 1.83 MB)
First Quarter 2016 (Espanol) (PDF 1.91 MB)


Fourth Quarter 2015 (English) (PDF 1.33 MB)
Fourth Quarter 2015 (Espanol) (PDF 1.43 MB)

Third Quarter 2015 (English) (PDF 2.69 MB)
Third Quarter 2015 (Espanol) (PDF 2.26 MB)

Second Quarter 2015 (English) (PDF 3.31 MB)
Second Quarter 2015 (Espanol) (PDF 3.52 MB)

First Quarter 2015 (English) (PDF 2.37 MB)
First Quarter 2015 (Espanol) (PDF 2.38 MB)


Fourth Quarter 2014 (English) (PDF 4.71 MB)
Fourth Quarter 2014 (Espanol) (PDF 4.59 MB)

Third Quarter 2014 (English) (PDF 7.6 MB)
Third Quarter 2014 (Español) (PDF 7.59 MB)

Second Quarter 2014 (English) (PDF 7.43 MB)
Second Quarter 2014 (Español) (PDF 7.16 MB)

First Quarter 2014 (Español) (PDF 3.1 MB)
First Quarter 2014 (English) (PDF 8.14 MB)


Fourth Quarter 2013 (English) (PDF 6.58 MB)
Fourth Quarter 2013 (Español) (PDF 5.5 MB)

Third Quarter 2013 (English) (PDF 4.41 MB)
Third Quarter (Espanol) (PDF 2.61 MB)

Second Quarter 2013 (English) (PDF 570.7 KB)
Second Quarter 2013 (Espanol) (PDF 1.17 MB)

First Quarter 2013 (English) (PDF 835.89 KB)
First Quarter 2013 (Español) (PDF 630.07 KB)


Spring 2019 (English) (PDF 1.31 MB)
Spring 2019 (Español) (PDF 1.26 MB)

Winter 2019 (English) (PDF 1.44 MB)
Winter 2019 (Español) (PDF 1.36 MB)


Fall 2018 (English) (PDF 1.82 MB)
Fall 2018 (Español) (PDF 1.42 MB)

Summer 2018 (English) (PDF 1.46 MB)
Summer 2018 (Español) (PDF 1.39 MB)

Spring 2018 (English) (PDF 972.04 KB)
Spring 2018 (Español) (PDF 771.26 KB)

Winter 2018 (English) (PDF 1.33 MB)
Winter 2018 (Español) (PDF 876.54 KB)


Fall 2017 (English) (PDF 700.39 KB)
Fall 2017 (Español) (PDF 614.41 KB)

Spring 2017 (English) (PDF 1.52 MB)
Spring 2017 (Español) (PDF 1.51 MB)

Winter 2017 (English) (PDF 715.85 KB)
Winter 2017 (Español) (PDF 618.13 KB)


Fall 2016 (English) (PDF 470.04 KB)
Fall 2016 (Español) (PDF 1.26 MB)

Summer 2016 (English) (PDF 698.89 KB)
Summer 2016 (Español) (PDF 1.06 MB)

Spring 2016 (English) (PDF 1.19 MB)
Spring 2016 (Español) (PDF 1.16 MB)

Winter 2016 (English) (PDF 1.4 MB)
Winter 2016 (Español) (PDF 1.02 MB)


Fall 2015 (English) (PDF 1.98 MB)
Fall 2015 (Español) (PDF 1.77 MB)

Summer 2015 (English) (PDF 1.5 MB)
Summer 2015 (Español) (PDF 1.47 MB)

Spring 2015 (English) (PDF 1.93 MB)
Spring 2015 (Español) (PDF 1.92 MB)

Winter 2015 (English) (PDF 1.46 MB)
Winter 2015 (Español) (PDF 1.31 MB)


Fall 2014 Issue (PDF 4.99 MB) + Insert (English) (PDF 567.66 KB)
Fall 2014 Issue (PDF 4.9 MB) + Insert (Español) (PDF 568.46 KB)

Summer 2014 Issue (English) (PDF 1.51 MB)
Summer 2014 Issue (Español) (PDF 1.56 MB)

Spring 2014 Issue (English (PDF 1.88 MB))
Spring 2014 Issue (Español) (PDF 1.86 MB)

Winter 2014 Issue (English) (PDF 2.17 MB)
Winter 2014 Issue (Español) (PDF 2.34 MB)


Fall 2013 Issue (English) (PDF 5.31 MB)
Fall 2013 Issue (Español) (PDF 2.07 MB)

Summer 2013 Issue (English) (PDF 1.53 MB)
Summer 2013 Issue (Español) (PDF 1.52 MB)

Spring 2013 Issue (English) (PDF 1.86 MB)
Spring 2013 Issue (Español) (PDF 1.95 MB)

Winter 2013 Issue (PDF 1.29 MB)


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