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Food For Thought

Food for Thought:
Eating Well on a Budget
 is a bilingual, multimedia program designed in partnership with Sesame Street to help support families who have children between the ages of 2 and 8 and are coping with uncertain or limited access to affordable and nutritious food.

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Children with Special Health Care Needs

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If English is not your primary language, you can ask for an interpreter to help with your call to Member Services. We can also provide interpreter services for your doctor visits. Call Member Services at (800) 587-5187 (TTY 711) at least 72 hours hours before your scheduled appointment to arrange for an interpreter to meet you at your appointment. Call Member Services 14 in advance for American Sign Language interpreter requests.

Annual Notification
For more information, click here (PDF 740.4 KB).

CAHPS Survey
At UnitedHealthcare, we care about your health. Our goal is to improve the health of our
members by providing high-quality services. Learn more about the CAHPS Survey. (PDF 36.05 KB)

Citizenship Documents Required
There are new laws that may require you to show proof of citizenship in order to renew your health coverage. Click on a document below to read about what you will need:

English (PDF 84.96 KB) | Español (PDF 132.6 KB) | Chinese (PDF 194.71 KB) | Russian (PDF 127.41 KB) | Arabic (PDF 118.8 KB) | Nuer (PDF 123.73 KB)

Preventative Care Guidelines
Preventative care helps you manage your health and health of your family. Maintaining or improving your health is important – and a focus on regular preventive care, along with following the advice of your doctor, can help you stay healthy. Click here (PDF 623.69 KB) for more information. 

Member Advisory Committee
Join our Member Advisory Committee and share your feedback and concerns with us. Members come and learn about your health plan and share your feedback and concerns with us. and transportation is provided. Call Member Services at  (800) 587-5187 (TTY: 711) if you are interested in joining.

Member Rights & Responsibilities 
As a UnitedHealthcare member, you have certain rights and assume certain responsibilities when you become a member. It is important you fully understand both your rights and your responsibilities. For more information, For more information, refer to your Member Handbook.

Notice of Privacy Practices
We have a Notice of Privacy Practices that tells you how health information about you may be used and shared. We are required by law to let you know that the Notice is available, and how you can get a copy of it. You can download a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices in English (PDF 278.97 KB) | Espanol (PDF 151.82 KB) or Portugese (PDF 152.9 KB).

Quality Improvement Initiatives 


Text4baby is a no charge service to help you through your pregnancy and baby’s first year of life. Learn more: English (PDF 1.11 MB) | Español (PDF 1 MB). 

As a RIte Care member, you may qualify for a bus pass for you and your family to use to get to the doctor’s office. You will need to call LogistiCare at 1-855-330-9131 TTY (866) 288-3133 to request a bus pass at least 7 business days before the appointment. Tell them the date and time of the medical, dental and behavioral health appointments as well as the name of the provider and a bus pass will be mailed to you. If you cannot take a bus for medical reasons or because your home or your adult managed care appointment is not near a bus line, please call LogistiCare for help in getting transportation to your appointment. Please use family and friends for transportation needs before calling LogistiCare.



Fall 2018 (English) (PDF 1.12 MB)
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Fall 2015 (English) (PDF 429.94 KB)
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Fall 2015 Special Insert (English) (PDF 729.81 KB)
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Summer 2015 (English) (PDF 406.94 KB)
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2015 Privacy Insert (English) (PDF 161.08 KB)
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Spring 2015 (English) (PDF 462.03 KB)
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Winter 2015 (English) (PDF 748.36 KB)
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Fall 2014 Issue (PDF 2.25 MB) + Insert (English) (PDF 78.15 KB)
Fall 2014 Issue (PDF 2.08 MB) + Insert (Español) (PDF 78.26 KB)
Fall 2014 Special Issue (English) (PDF 688.36 KB)
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Summer 2014 Issue (English)
(PDF 626.74 KB)
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Winter 2014 Issue (English)
(PDF 497.17 KB)
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2013 Special Issue (PDF 1.17 MB)

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Summer 2013 Issue (English) (PDF 751.65 KB)
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