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Food For Thought

Food for Thought:
Eating Well on a Budget
 is a bilingual, multimedia program designed in partnership with Sesame Street to help support families who have children between the ages of 2 and 8 and are coping with uncertain or limited access to affordable and nutritious food.

Member Information

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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan for Kids


These materials tell you about your plan and benefits. They also tell what you should do if you have an emergency.

Deciding When It’s an Emergency (PDF 503.47 KB)
Cost Chart (PDF 133.81 KB)
Income Guidelines (PDF 107.39 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF 225.47 KB)

Member Handbook (PDF 878.21 KB)
Member Handbook (Español) (PDF 894.06 KB)
Rights and Responsibilities (PDF 80.32 KB)
Reporting Fraud and Abuse (PDF 97.51 KB)



Spring 2019 (English) (PDF 895.08 KB)
Spring 2019 Español) (PDF 740.46 KB)

Winter 2019 (English) (PDF 2.22 MB)
Winter 2019 Español) (PDF 2.2 MB)


Fall 2018 (English) (PDF 1.63 MB)
Fall 2018 (Español) (PDF 1.58 MB)

Summer 2018 (English) (PDF 435.25 KB)
Summer 2018 (Español) (PDF 363.86 KB)

Spring 2018 (English) (PDF 387.84 KB)
Spring 2018 (Español) (PDF 300.24 KB)

Winter 2018 (English) (PDF 692.91 KB)
Winter 2018 Español) (PDF 808.38 KB)


Fall 2017 (English) (PDF 375.96 KB)
Fall 2017 (Español) (PDF 357.2 KB)