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Preferred Drug List (PDF 1.34 MB)

PDL Updates (PDF 61.89 KB)

NY Specialty Drug Network (PDF 16.93 KB)

NY Specialty Drug List (PDF 163.91 KB)

Direct Member Reimbursement (PDF 77.09 KB)

90 Day Supply Drug List

Brand and/or generic may be excluded from coverage. Lower-cost options are available and covered. Please see the 90 Day Supply Drug List (PDF 466.33 KB) for more information.


Find A Dentist

Use this tool to search our network of dentists. Follow this link and click on ‘Find a Dentist’ to begin your search.

Then select NY COMMUNITY PLAN MEDICAID/CHP/FHP to find providers in your area. 


Provider participation in a plan does not guarantee coverage of benefits and certain plans may not cover all provider and hospital services. Please check your handbook or contact Member Services if you have questions about covered benefits under your plan.

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