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Plan Benefits

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UnitedHealthcare Dual Advantage

For a full list of plan benefits, please click here for the Member Handbook (PDF 463.81 KB) .


  • No Monthly Plan Premium in addition to your Medicare Part B premium
  • No Referrals for network specialists
  • No Copays for doctor office visits, preventive services, podiatry services, inpatient hospital care, outpatient surgery or emergency care
  • Personal Medical Emergency Response System – medical, police and fire assistance at the touch of a button at no additional cost
  • Transportation for up to 24 one-way car services trips to plan-approved locations every year and medically necessary transported as needed.
  • Dental Benefits with a $0 copay for preventive care, implants, fixed bridges and more ($2,500 limit every year)
  • Vision Services with no copay for one routine eye exam every year and one pair of eyeglasses or contacts every two years ($150 limit for eyewear every two years)
  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Mail order is available!
  • Private Duty Nursing – medically necessary private duty services in accordance with your physician's care plan.

Member Notifications

        5/1/2018 Appeal Rights (PDF 270.01 KB)