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New York - Child Health Plus - Marketplace Premium

Thank you for choosing UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. We are happy that you have selected us for your child(ren)’s Child Health Plus plan. As a new enrollee, if you are required to pay a premium, please call our Premium Call center at 1-877-229-3439. Please review the commonly asked questions below to learn more.

How do I pay the initial premium for my child(ren)?
When you enrolled on the New York State of Health website, it was determined that you must pay a monthly premium for your child(ren).  As a new enrollee, you are required to pay your premium before the month of coverage and a grace period until the 10th of the coverage month is provided. For example if your child’s coverage is effective January 1st, payment should be submitted prior to January 1st or no later than the end of the grace period, January 10th. If your payment is not received by the end of the grace period, coverage for the month will be cancelled and you will need to reapply on the NY State of Health website. To make payment by telephone, please call the Premium Billing call center toll-free at 1-877-229-3439. You can also mail your payment along with a copy of your New York State of Health transaction receipt to the address below. Be sure that you allow enough time for your payment to be received by UnitedHealthcare by the 10th of the month. You can send payment to:

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
PO BOX 785462
Philadelphia PA, 19178-5462

What happens next?
After your initial payment and enrollment in our plan, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will send you a monthly invoice for your household. United will then  begin sending a monthly invoice for your premium payment. Your Member Handbook will explain how the billing and payment process works. Remember it’s your responsibility to submit your premium payment on time.

What if I don’t remember my premium amount?
two months in advance of the month of coverage and payment is due one month prior to the coverage month. We will provide a grace period for payment to be received. You can send payment by mail to the address listed on your invoice or you can pay by telephone by calling 1-877-229-3439. Our Billing Representatives can assist you with questions about your account, processing your payment and general billing questions.

Can I pay my premiums in advance?
Yes, if you would like to pay your child(ren)’s premiums in advance, you can do so. You can pay for a few months or pay for the entire year in advance. Just call our Premium Billing team at 1-877-229-3439.


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