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Member Information


National Flu Campaign Questions and Answers:  English (PDF 60.79 KB) | Español (PDF 68.59 KB)


24 Hour Nurse Line

We have a free hotline for members to speak with a nurse. Nurse Line is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just call 1-877-488-7038.

Affirmative Statement

Download (PDF 9.62 KB) the Affirmative Statement about Utililzation Management (UM) Decisions.

Community Activities

Albuquerque area senior centers offer classes for computers, health education and exercise. You can also enjoy breakfast and lunch at a reduced cost. If you would like more information, please speak to your Service Coordinator or visit this website:

Contact Information

Customer Service: 1-877-236-0826

Transportation Services/LogistiCare:

  • Reservations: 1-866-913-2492
  • Ride Assistance: 1-866-913-2493, TTY: 1-866-288-3133

Dental Services:

  • UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico Centennial Care Medicaid Dental: 1-877-408-0160

Vision Services:

  • March Vision: 1-888-493-4070 Ext 7570
Pharmacy Services:
  • Optum RX: 1-877-236-0826
Appeals & Grievances: 1-877-236-0826

Behavioral Health Services: 1-877-236-0826


UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico Centennial Care Medicaid Dental manages your dental benefits. You may call Member Services at: 1-877-236-0826 to find a dentist in the UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico network.

Visit the UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico Centennial Care Medicaid Dental website (DBP). Select "Locate Dentist" on the Dental website, then when the next web page appears, select the NEW MEXICO NETWORK Plan Name.

Disease Management Program

What is Disease Management? - UnitedHealthcare offers a disease management program for eligible members who may be dealing with diabetes and/or congestive heart failure. This program focuses on helping you to do what you can to better self-manage your chronic health condition following your doctor's advice.

This program includes:

  • Reminders of needed tests or doctor visits
  • Education about diabetes and/or congestive heart failure that includes
  • Coordination of care with your other health care providers
  • Tips on being a good partner with your health care provider

Talk to your care coordinator for more information about disease management.

Taking Charge of Diabetes (PDF 1.98 MB)
Taking Charge of Diabetes (PDF 1.96 MB) (Spanish)
Managing Sick Days (English/Spanish) (PDF 283.76 KB)
Know Your A1c Number (English (PDF 90.14 KB) / Spanish (PDF 93.2 KB))

Congestive Heart Failure
If You Have Heart Failure (English) (PDF 143.69 KB)
If You Have Heart Failure (Spanish) (PDF 141.48 KB)
Taking Charge of Heart Failure (English) (PDF 5.3 MB)
Taking Charge of Heart Failure (Spanish) (PDF 141.48 KB)

High Blood Pressure
Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your High Blood Pressure (PDF 239.35 KB) (English and Spanish)

Taking Charge of COPD (PDF 2.11 MB)
Taking Charge of COPD (PDF 2.09 MB) (Spanish)

Taking Charge of Depression (PDF 1.6 MB)
Taking Charge of Depression (PDF 1.6 MB) (Spanish)

Stop Smoking
Taking Charge to Quit Smoking (English) (PDF 267.7 KB)
Taking Charge to Quit Smoking (Spanish) (PDF 266.63 KB)

Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 0-11 (English) (PDF 2.22 MB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 0-11 (Spanish) (PDF 641.6 KB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 12-18 (English) (PDF 556.88 KB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 12-18 (Spanish) (PDF 605.17 KB)

Member Address Change

Contact your local income support division office to let them know about your new address. Visit the Income support division website for the phone number to your local income support division office.

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Please see pages 48-50 of the Centennial Care Member Handbook (PDF 1.05 MB).

UnitedHealth Care On My Way Program

UnitedHealthcare OMWTM (UnitedHealthcare On My Way) is an interactive website that helps you get ready for real life. It’s easy and fun, and has important information all on one secure site.

Download the brochure to find out more about (PDF 595.87 KB):

Money: Set up a budget and learn about taxes. 
Housing: Understand and compare housing options. 
Work: Create a resume and learn interview tips.

And more!


Pregnancy Care

Healthy First Steps Program
At UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico, we want you to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. We want you and your baby to get all the care you both need. That's why we have Healthy First Steps®, a special program for you — and your baby. If you are pregnant, or are thinking of getting pregnant, please let your Service Coordinator know by calling 1-877-236-0826.

If you are pregnant, there's a new service to help you out! Text4baby provides text messages 3 times a week with information to help you through your pregnancy and baby's first year. Text messaging charges may apply. Check with your cell phone company.

Powered by: Text BABY to 511411 to sign up!

For more information please visit the Text4Baby website.

Birthing Options Program
You can choose to have services provided in a birth center, in your home, or in the hospital by a midwife. Midwives must be Medicaid approved health care providers to participate in this program. Talk to your midwife about problems that may happen if you deliver your baby outside of a hospital.

If you choose to have birthing services outside of a hospital, you have the right and responsibility to:

  • Receive an informed consent from the Midwife about problems that may happen if you deliver your baby outside of a hospital and;
  • Ask your midwife if they have malpractice insurance.

Classes for Pregnant Women
Getting ready for the birth of your new baby is an important time in your life. UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico wants to make sure you are ready for the big day. Childbirth classes are available to you and can help answer some questions you may have about the birth of your baby.

Already in the Healthy First Steps program?
If you want to know about classes in your area or need to call your Healthy First Steps Case Manager?
Call 1-800-599-5985.

Quality Improvement Program

UnitedHealthcare wants you to get the best care and service. That's why we have a Quality Management (QM) Program. Our QM Program helps us learn what we can do better. Then we use it to improve. Our QM program has several member health programs.

These programs:

  • Help people with health conditions like asthma or chronic breathing conditions, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Help pregnant women have healthy babies.
  • Improve patient safety.
  • Make sure members are happy with the plan.
  • Make sure doctors and other health care professionals meet our standards.
  • Help people stay healthy with shots, screenings and tests.

We use national standards to see how well our QM program works. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) writes the standards. NCQA is an independent agency. It compares the quality programs of health plans. We measure our progress meeting our goals using NCQA's:

  • Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®)
  • Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) SURE

You can request more information. Please call 1-505-449-4253 or email

Translation Services

UnitedHealthcare offers interpretation and translation services. This is at no cost to Centennial Care members. Tell Customer Service or your Service Coordinator what language you are most comfortable using. We can also send you information in another language or format. If you need an interpreter, call Member Services at: 1-877-236-0826. Call TTY 711 if you are hearing impaired.


Logisticare manages your transportation benefit. They offer routine transportation to medical, dental and behavioral health appointments. You can reach a representative Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The reservation line is closed on national holidays and weekends.

To schedule a ride call: 1-866-913-2492

Ride Assistance (Where's my ride?): 1-866-913-2493

For hearing impaired call TTY: 1-866-288-3133


March Vision manages your vision benefit. You may call
member services at 1-888-493-4070 Ext. 7570 OR visit the March Vision website.

Search for a vision provider.

Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Please use this form (PDF 140.88 KB) if you suspect there may be Medicaid fraud, waste or abuse. 

Member Newsletters 2016 to Current


Summer 2018 (English) (PDF 868.87 KB)
Summer 2018 (Español) (PDF 856.92 KB)

Spring 2018 (English) (PDF 380.18 KB)
Spring 2018 (Español) (PDF 292.1 KB)

Winter 2018 (English) (PDF 608.44 KB)
Winter 2018 (Español) (PDF 531.55 KB)


Fall 2017 (English) (PDF 401.75 KB)
Fall 2017 (Español) (PDF 388.09 KB)

Spring 2017 (English) (PDF 411.66 KB)
Spring 2017 (Español) (PDF 428.38 KB)

Winter 2017 (English) (PDF 734.59 KB)
Winter 2017 (Español) (PDF 679.71 KB)


Fall 2016 (English) (PDF 430.85 KB)
Fall 2016 (Español) (PDF 426.81 KB)

Summer 2016 (English) (PDF 549.4 KB)
Summer 2016 (Español) (PDF 530.4 KB)

Spring 2016 (English) (PDF 507.53 KB)
Spring 2016 (Español) (PDF 426.41 KB)

Winter 2016 (English) (PDF 640.94 KB)
Winter 2016 (Español) (PDF 592.02 KB)

Member Newsletters Prior to 2016


Fall 2015 (English) (PDF 2.08 MB)
Fall 2015 (Español) (PDF 617.35 KB)

Summer 2015 (English) (PDF 665.21 KB)
Summer 2015 (Español) (PDF 604.92 KB)

Spring 2015 (English) (PDF 994.97 KB)
Spring 2015 (Español) (PDF 937.29 KB)

Winter 2015 (English) (PDF 773.01 KB)
Winter 2015 (Español) (PDF 772.52 KB)


Fall 2014  (English) (PDF 2.32 MB)
Fall 2014 (Español) (PDF 2.24 MB)

Spring 2014 (English) (PDF 1.07 MB)
Spring 2014 (Español) (PDF 791.46 KB)

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