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Use this tool to search our network of health care providers for specialists, hospitals, laboratories, X-ray centers and more.

Remember, your primary care provider makes referrals (no referral needed for OB/GYN or dentist) to other health care providers for you. Also, when visiting a specialist, be sure to identify yourself as a member and present your ID card.

If you would like a copy of the member handbook or provider directory, please call Member Services at 1-800-941-4647 (TTY: 711).

To find a vision provider click on this link for March Vision Care:

Use the links below to find a doctor or facility.

Find A Drug

Preferred Drug List: English (PDF 1.37 MB)| Espanol (PDF 1.36 MB)

4/1/2019 PDL Update (PDF 224.74 KB)
1/1/2019 PDL Update (PDF 222.58 KB)
10/1/2018 PDL Update (PDF 62.94 KB)
7/1/2018 PDL Update (PDF 69.62 KB) 

Speciality Drug List English (PDF 158.45 KB) | Espanol (PDF 180.36 KB)

Direct Member Reimbursement Form: English (PDF 184.12 KB) | Espanol (PDF 183.17 KB)

Search for drugs covered by NJ FamilyCare

90 Day Supply Drug List

Brand and/or generic may be excluded from coverage. Lower-cost options are available and covered. Please see the 90 Day Supply Drug List (PDF 466.33 KB) for more information.

Find A Dentist

Understanding Dental Coverage - English (PDF 135.06 KB)  Spanish (PDF 134.92 KB)


The link below takes you to another website. Once there, select "NJ UnitedHealthcare Community Plan" to access a list of in-network dentists.

If you would like a copy of the member handbook or provider directory, please call Member Services at 1-800-941-4647 (TTY: 711).

Search for a dental provider.

New Jersey Smiles Program

New Jersey Smiles Directory (PDF 660 KB)

Choose a county:
Atlantic (PDF 271.3 KB)
Bergen (PDF 264.51 KB)
Burlington (PDF 259.51 KB)
Camden (PDF 278.49 KB)
Cape May (PDF 257.27 KB)
Cumberland (PDF 269.8 KB)
Essex (PDF 294.76 KB)
Gloucester (PDF 263.85 KB)
Hudson (PDF 276.35 KB)
Hunterdon (PDF 261.14 KB)
Mercer (PDF 262.04 KB)
Middlesex (PDF 283.66 KB)
Monmouth (PDF 276.26 KB)
Morris (PDF 262.23 KB)
Ocean (PDF 287.43 KB)
Passaic (PDF 271.61 KB)
Salem (PDF 256.89 KB)
Somerset (PDF 253.62 KB)
Sussex (PDF 253.31 KB)
Union (PDF 268.89 KB)
Warren (PDF 262.13 KB)

Find a Lab

Search for a UnitedHealthcare network laboratory below.

Find A Pharmacy

Search for a UnitedHealthcare network pharmacy below.


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