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Michigan has a confirmed case of measles.

The CDC has information on the disease and how to protect your family. Please visit the CDC resources at https://www.cdc.gov/measles/resources/parents-caregivers.html

Your Safety:
Medication Safety (PDF 101.03 KB)
Child Safety (PDF 614.1 KB)
Hospital Safety (PDF 80.87 KB)
Generic Drug Safety (PDF 695.48 KB)

Your Health:
Children's Health (PDF 647.06 KB)
Important Information about the Flu (PDF 16.72 KB)
Diabetes (PDF 25.42 KB)
Heart Disease (PDF 18.43 KB)
Women's Health (PDF 117.22 KB)
Pregnant and Smoking (PDF 540.36 KB)
Want to Quit Smoking? (PDF 361.68 KB)
Food Pyramid (PDF 199.3 KB)

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