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Florida Healthy Kids

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We offer coverage to children who are part of the Florida Healthy Kids program. Call Florida Healthy Kids Corporation at 1-800-821-KIDS (1-800-821-5437) to enroll.

Primary Care Provider:
All our members get a Primary Care Provider (PCP) or primary care doctor to take care of them. Your child's PCP is listed on his/her ID card. Call Member Service at 1-888-216-0015 if you want to change the PCP. We can help you find a new one.

Transition of Care Needs:
Some new members need help changing to a new health plan. This is called transition of care. Call our Member Service at 1-888-216-0015 if you child needs this. Have your child's medical information and your child's doctor's name and phone number when you call. A Care Manager will be named to help you. Call your child's new Primary Care Provider (PCP) and talk about your child's health care needs. Your child's doctor may want to talk to us about any transition of care needs.

This plan is available statewide.

To request more information or to join this health care program, start here:

Step 1
Call Florida Healthy Kids Corporation at 1-800-821-KIDS (1-800-821-5437).
Step 2
Or go to the website