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Approved Provider Administrative Guide
The chapters of our Provider Administrative Guide that have been approved by the state of Kansas are posted here. The state has approved the final content of these chapters. We will update these chapters with an updated sample member ID card and a final electronic payer ID number for the Kansas Medicaid program, and a table of contents will be updated once all chapters receive final approval, but the content is the final version and approved.

Chapter 1 - Corporate Overview

Chapter 2 - Quick Reference Guide

Chapter 3 - Member Benefits

Chapter 4 - Medical Management

Chapter 5 - Member Grievances and Appeals

Chapter 6 - Behavioral Services

Chapter 7 - Quality Management

Chapter 8 - Hospital Services

Chapter 9 - Dental

Chapter 10 - Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Chapter 11 - Hospice

Chapter 13 - Long Term Care

Chapter 14 - Rehabilitative Therapy

Chapter 15 - Claims

Chapter 16 - Physician and Facility Standards and Policies

Chapter 17 - Physician Communications and Outreach

Chapter 18 - Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 19 - Glossary and Index of Terms

Chapter 20 - Appendix

Chapter 21 - Kansas Regulatory Requirements Appendix

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Provider Manual

Pharmacy Provider Manual

Vision Provider Manual