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Choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP):

Your Primary Care Provider is called a PCP. Each member of the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan must pick a PCP.  

  • If you have a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare fee-for-service plan and Medicaid coverage, you may pick an In-Network or Out-of-Network PCP.
  • If you have other Medicare Advantage plan and Medicaid coverage, you are not required to have a PCP.
  • If you have Medicare and Medicaid coverage you may pick an In-Network or Out-of-Network PCP.
  • If you choose an Out-of-Network PCP, we will work with your PCP to join our network of doctors. Each member of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan must pick a PCP from our network unless a PCP is not available who will give you the services you need.

If you are in your second or third trimester of pregnancy and you are getting covered prenatal services, you may continue to see your OB/GYN even if he/she is not in our network. Once you have picked a PCP, you should see him or her for all your medical needs. Your PCP will provide or coordinate all of your healthcare. If you need tests or treatments that your PCP cannot provide, your PCP will refer you for this care.

Choosing a Primary Care Provider and More Tips

How to schedule an appointment:

Call your PCP to schedule an appointment. Give the office:

  • Your name
  • Your Member ID number (on your member ID card)
  • The name of the person who needs to see the doctor (and their information if the appointment is not for you)
  • The reason why you need to see the doctor.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan has practice guidelines that help providers make healthcare decisions. These guidelines come from nationally recognized sources. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan has practice guidelines for preventive health and other health conditions.

Click here to view the entire list of guidelines or call our Member Services toll-free at 1-888-980-8728 (TTY:711) to request a printed copy.

Search for drugs covered by UnitedHealthcare QUEST Integration Program

Preferred Drug List (PDL)

Preferred Diabetic Testing Supplies

Preferred Insulin Syringes & Pen Needles 
Preferred Test Strips & Meters 

Direct Member Reimbursement (DMR) Form

Specialty Pharmacy Information

90 Day Supply Drug List

Brand and/or generic may be excluded from coverage. Lower-cost options are available and covered. Please see the 90 Day Supply Drug List for more information.

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