Hawaii UnitedHealthcare QUEST Integration Program - Glossary of Health Care Terms

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Hawai'i Glossary

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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan - QUEST Integration Program (January 1, 2015)

UnitedHealthcare QUEST Integration
A Medicaid health plan for eligible residents of Hawaii who qualify for the QUEST Integration program.

Medicaid is a program for people who can't afford to pay for medical care. It is offered by states to their residents who are United States citizens or qualified immigrants. To get Medicaid, you must be a pregnant woman, a child, a member of a low-income family, or must be aged, blind or disabled. A few states also cover single, healthy adults. You also must meet state income standards and certain other requirements.

Open Enrollment
Once a year during Open Enrollment everyone in QUEST Integration can review their health plan options. If they want to choose a new QUEST Integration health plan, they can choose one at that time. The State of Hawai’i Department of Human Services (DHS), Med-QUEST Division will send you information about your choices and what to do before the Open Enrollment period.

QUEST Integration

The QUEST Integration program is a Hawaii Medicaid managed care program administered by the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services, Med-QUEST Division. Eligibility for this program is determined by the State of Hawaii.

Your regular doctor is also called a PCP (Primary Care Provider). Your PCP takes care of your healthcare needs. You need to choose a PCP who works with your health plan. When you need to see a specialist or use other medical service, your PCP helps you get that care.

Service Coordinator
Some members of QUEST Integration have a Service Coordinator through their health plan. Your Service Coordinator helps you:

  • Get better access to healthcare services and providers
  • Take a more active role in your care
  • Understand and use your QUEST Integration benefits