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Reference Guides and Value-Added Services


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan works with a provider advisory committee comprised of network care providers representative of various member services. To learn more call Customer Service at 888-887-9003. 

For information about consumer lending business in Texas including non-commercial credit, small loans, installment sales and usury, visit The Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.


Reference Guides

Child and Youth Anticipatory Guidance for PCPs:  Nutrituion/Healthy Weight/Exercise (PDF 1.09 MB) - 4.10.2018

Medicaid Eligibility Service Authorization for Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities (PDF 790.03 KB) - 8.28.2017

THSteps: All Six Componets for Annual Medical Checkup (PDF 311.05 KB) - 6.2.2017

Billing Both a Sick and Well Visit on the Same Day (CHIP, STAR and STAR+PLUS Members through Age 20) (PDF 64.86 KB) - 4.17.2017

Breaches in Confidential Information Quick Reference Guide (PDF 61.07 KB) - 11.3.2016

Behavioral Health Toolkit for Primary Care Providers (PCPs) (PDF 1.31 MB) - Updated 8.28.2017

Claims Processing Guidelines (PDF 41.25 KB)  8.1.2016

Community First Choice LTSS Provider Brochure (PDF 341.45 KB) - 7.27.2015

Electronic Statements & Payments: Adding an NPI to your Profile for Payment (PDF 38.77 KB) - 7.11.2016

Home and Community Based Setting Guidelines (PDF 50.58 KB) - 10.30.2015

Medicaid Rural Service Areas Resource Page (PDF 429.87 KB)

Non-Urgent and After-Hours Care (PDF 42.97 KB) - 3.21.2018 

PCP Guide to Long Term Services and Support (PDF 1.12 MB) - 7.22.2015

Outpatient Therapy (Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy) Prior Authorization Quick Reference Guide (PDF 160.14 KB) - 1.16.2018 

Provider Quick Reference Guide (PDF 689.02 KB) - 2.14.2018

Sleep Test for Medicaid Members (PDF 126.02 KB)

STAR Kids Member Rights and Responsibilities (PDF 65.85 KB)  7.25.2016

STAR Kids Out-of-Network Claims Filing (PDF 34.55 KB) - 11.28.2016

UnitedHealthcare Connected (Medicare-Medicaid) Contact Sheet (PDF 316.83 KB) - 4.16.2015

Welcome Brochure for STAR Kids - Nov. 1, 2016 (PDF 1.63 MB) - 7.17.2016


Value-Added Services, Incentives, Flexible Benefit & Rewards

Value Added Services (PDF 544.59 KB) - 12.1.2017

UnitedHealthcare Connected (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) Flexible Benefits and Rewards and Incentives (PDF 157.35 KB) - 4.20.2018