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Provider Education


Training Presentations and Schedules

Centennial Care Behavioral Health Training (PDF 328.13 KB)

Program Integrity Provider Resource Guide (PDF 226.82 KB)

HCBS Provider Deck 2015 (PDF 1.03 MB)


Target Health Management

UnitedHealthcare offers programs for eligible members who may be dealing with diabetes, COPD, Depression or Pediatric Asthma. These program focuses on helping your patients better self-manage their health following your advice.

Taking Charge of Your Health - Tools for Your Patients (PDF 94.94 KB)

UnitedHealthcare offers disease management programs for eligible members who may be dealing with diabetes and/or congestive heart failure. This program focuses on helping your patients better self-manage your chronic health condition following your advice.

This program includes:

  • Reminders of needed tests or doctor visits
  • Education about diabetes and/or congestive heart failure that includes
  • Coordination of care with other health care providers
  • Tips on being a good partner with their health care provider

Informational material provided includes:

Taking Charge of Diabetes (PDF 1.98 MB)
Taking Charge of Diabetes (PDF 1.96 MB) (Spanish)
Managing Sick Days (English/Spanish) (PDF 283.76 KB)  
Know Your A1c Number ( English (PDF 90.14 KB) / Spanish (PDF 93.2 KB) )

Congestive Heart Failure
If You Have Heart Failure (English) (PDF 143.69 KB)
If You Have Heart Failure (Spanish) (PDF 141.48 KB)
Taking Charge of Heart Failure (English) (PDF 5.3 MB)
Taking Charge of Heart Failure (Spanish) (PDF 141.48 KB)

High Blood Pressure
Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your High Blood Pressure (PDF 239.35 KB)(English and Spanish)

Taking Charge of COPD (PDF 2.11 MB)
Taking Charge of COPD (PDF 2.09 MB) (Spanish)

Taking Charge of Depression (PDF 1.6 MB)
Taking Charge of Depression (PDF 1.6 MB) (Spanish)

Stop Smoking
Taking Charge to Quit Smoking (English) (PDF 267.7 KB)
Taking Charge to Quit Smoking (Spanish) (PDF 266.63 KB)

Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 0-11 (English)
(PDF 2.22 MB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 0-11 (Spanish) (PDF 641.6 KB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 12-18 (English) (PDF 556.88 KB)
Taking Charge of Asthma: Ages 12-18 (Spanish) (PDF 605.17 KB)


AuthentiCare and Electronic Visit Verificaton (EVV)

AuthentiCare is Centennial Care’s electronic visit verification system, which provides automated scheduling, time/attendance tracking, and billing for home and community-based services. 

AuthentiCare provides real-time access to information about care recipients, workers, and care providers that enable automated, accurate payment for services provided. This system does the following:

  • Verifies the in-home visit of a home health care worker to provide service.
  • Utilizes a landline phone and/or smartphone to track time and location of the worker during service delivery. 
  • Provides information for electronic billing and claim submission.
  • Authorizes payment of claims.
  • Provides exception reports for services not fully confirmed, not delivered or not authorized.

There are 3 methods available for the worker to clock in and out:

  • IVR – Using the member’s landline or the member’s mobile device, the worker can call into the AuthentiCare IVR system. 

  • Mobile App – Using their own smart android phone, the worker can check in/out or can scan the member’s QR card. The worker must have downloaded the AuthentiCare mobile app onto their smart phone, first.  App for the iPhone will not be available until Q414.

  • Web – The provider can log the worker’s time via First Data’s AuthentiCare website. The worker does not have access rights to this site. This is the least desirable method. 

At the time of logging in/out, each method will be electronically documented in the AuthentiCare system, and is available for viewing in real time, including the authorized services. This information will also be in a report, which will be submitted to the State every month.

Additional Resources

Electronic Visit Verification Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 156.15 KB)

AuthentiCare Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 298.48 KB)

Authenticare PowerPoint (PDF 280.46 KB)

AuthentiCare Centennial Care Worker Handout English (PDF 266.81 KB) and Spanish (PDF 210.19 KB)

Centennial Care Multi-Branch Reporting (PDF 237.24 KB)

Centennial Care Personal Care-Consumer Directed Training (PDF 280.46 KB)