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Billing and Reference Guides 


Reference Guides 

Care Provider Quick Reference Guide (PDF 129.25 KB)

Healthy Children and Youth / EPSDT Billing and Coding Guide (PDF 77.77 KB)

Medical Facility Transportation Resource Guide (PDF 263.85 KB)

Request for a Change of Primary Care Provider (PCP) Paper Fax Form (PDF 30.98 KB) - Posted 5.5.2017 


Billing Guides 

Rural Health Clinic Billing Guidelines  (PDF 51.04 KB)- 4.11.2017


Pediatric Care Network (PCN)

Pediatric Care Network will provide delegated medical management services for UHC Community Plan Pediatric Care Network members including case management, utilization management and disease management.

Resources are available for providers including reference guides, office forms, frequently asked questions and more.

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