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Dual Complete (HMO-POS SNP) Program 

Effective January 1, 2017, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kansas launches a new Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP) – UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete (HMO-POS SNP), in the following counties: Johnson, Sedgwick and Wyandotte.

A Special Needs Plan is a Medicare Advantage (MA) coordinated care plan that provides targeted care and services to individuals with unique needs.  Dual SNPs are plans for members eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. DSNPs must:

  • Follow CMS regulations and cover all Medicare Part A (hospital stay) and Part B (doctor’s office) benefits, and must include Medicare Part D (pharmacy) coverage.
  • Offer clinical programs and special expertise to serve the target population.

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete program will reimburse claims, according to your UnitedHealthcare contractual Medicare fee schedule.

This web page is dedicated to information specific to the Dual Complete program. Look here for provider resources including administrative guide, quick reference guide, provider directory, policies and news related to the Dual Compete program.


Provider Resources

Administrative Guide

Search for a Provider – Dual Complete Provider Directory

Dual Complete Pharmacy Formulary  


Provider Documents

Dual Complete Provider Quick Reference Guide (PDF 760.99 KB)


Coverage Summaries and Reimbursement Policies

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Coverage Summaries

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Reimbursement Policies

Additional Medicare Advantage Policies

Medicare Advantage Prior Authorization Protocols

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