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Provider Training  


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

2017 Annual Care Provider Training (PDF 109.95 KB) - 9.21.2017

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation: Recognition and Reporting (PDF 315.79 KB) - 2.29.2016

Billing and Claims Overview Training  

Claims Submission and Prior Authorization Process Overview (PDF 254.31 KB) - 5.1.2016

Claims Submission Overview for CDAC and Waiver Care Providers (PDF 436.76 KB) – 3.10.2017

Critical Incident Reporting (PDF 84.87 KB) - 8.31.2017 

EPSDT Care for Kids Program Health Maintenance Recommendations (PDF 66.13 KB) - 12.01.2017

EPSDT Care for Kids Program Care Provider Training (PDF 243.22 KB) - 3.28.2018

Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Quick Reference Guide (PDF 795.52 KB) - 4.18.2016

Optum Provider Training for Behavioral Health Providers - Select "Iowa: Medicaid Modernization Project". 

Our Coordinated Care (PDF 507.97 KB) - 3.1.2016

Person-Centered Treatment Plan Training (PDF 84.57 KB) - 9.28.2016

Provider Orientation for Acute, Hospital and Ancillary (PDF 197.4 KB) – 9.22.2017

Provider Orientation for HCBS Providers (PDF 511.84 KB) - 4.27.2016

Provider Orientation for Nursing Facilities for Long Term Care (PDF 370.06 KB) - 4.27.2016

Provider Training for Behavioral Health Providers (PDF 1.4 MB) - 5.4.2016 

Supported Employment and Prevocational Services Changes (PDF 189.71 KB) - 10.6.2016

Trauma-Informed Care Educational Services (PDF 160.34 KB) - 5.19.2016 


Behavioral Health Training

Provider Express Webinars & Training Resources - Optum Provider Express offers informational webinars and training resources for providers to learn more about how to use the website, and other topics that may be vital to their practice. Online training for Behavioral Health Providers is available under “UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Prior Authorization Training for Behavioral Health Providers”.

Provider Express Training & Guided Tours - Optum Provider Express offers guided training about prior authorization, eligibility and benefits, and claims (claim entry, corrected claims, claim inquiry, etc.). First-time user training is available as well as a technical resource guide.

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