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Billing & Reference Guides

Current billing and reference guides are listed below. 


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

2016 Comparison of the State of Iowa Medicaid Enterprise Basic Benefits Based on Eligibility - 4.8.2016

Behavioral Health Level of Care Guidelines - 9.28.2016

Claim & Clinical Reconsideration Request Reference Guide (PDF 86.74 KB) - 12.7.2017

Consumer-Directed Attendant Care Daily Service Records Instructions (PDF 56.28 KB) - 5.16.2017

Critical Incident Report Form Reference Guide (PDF 615.06 KB) - 7.25.2017

Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Quick Reference Guide (PDF 67.54 KB) - 2.6.2018 

Health Homes - Chronic Condition Health Home (CCHH) Reference Guide (PDF 71.02 KB) - 11.13.2017

Health Homes - Integrated Health Home (IHH) Reference Guide (PDF 268.83 KB) - 11.13.2017

Home and Community-Based Services Settings Reference Guide (PDF 118.39 KB) - 3.1.2016

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Quick Reference Guide (PDF 51.4 KB) - 4.13.2017

Housing Quick Reference Guide (PDF 83.36 KB) - 5.11.2018 

IA Health Link Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 231.87 KB) - 5.31.2016

Link and UHCprovider.com Introduction

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Transportation Resource Guide (PDF 340.16 KB) - 7.20.2017

Nursing and Skilled Nursing Facility Quick Reference Guide (PDF 52.25 KB) - 11.15.2017 

Prior Authorization Request Form (PDF 116.65 KB) 

Provider Express Webinars & Training Resources - Optum Provider Express offers informational webinars and training resources for providers to learn more about how to use the website, and other topics that may be vital to your practice.

Provider Express Training & Guided Tours - Optum Provider Express offers training resources and guided tours for providers to learn more about topics that may be vital to your practice. 

Quick Reference Guide for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Iowa (PDF 323.11 KB) - Use this guide for a variety of resources including eligibility, claims management, prior authorization requests and more. - 4.27.2016

Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedules -
Birth-18 Years Schedule for Healthcare Providers
Catch-up Schedule for Healthcare Providers

UnitedHealthcare Online Product ID Crosswalk Quick Reference Guide (PDF 301.99 KB) - 3.27.2018

Value-Added Member Benefits (PDF 1.59 MB) - 1.9.2018

Why File Claims Electronically (PDF 75.18 KB) - 5.10.2016

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