Healthy Foods on a Budget

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A simple start

Even small changes in your routines can help you save money. And getting started doesn't take much time.


Make a shopping list.

Keep a shopping list in a place that's easy to see so you can add to it any time. Checking your list as you shop can help you stick to your budget. Children can help write or draw items on the list, or check things off while shopping.

Look for generic or store brands

These usually cost less than name brands and taste just as good!

Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

A healthy breakfast gives the whole family energy to stay focused all day. It can also be the most affordable meal of the day, whether you make it at home or participate in a public school breakfast program. You can get creative with breakfast, too — try a healthy breakfast burrito with beans, salsa, low-fat cheese, and a whole-wheat tortilla.


Whether you are shopping at a large supermarket, a farmers' market, or a local grocery store, simple steps can help you save money.

Thinking ahead

  • Spend just a few minutes planning ahead and you can save a lot of time and money in the long run!

Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season

  • Although most fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year, keep in mind that some cost less when they are in season. Farmers' markets offer seasonal produce, and many accept SNAP cards or WIC vouchers. To find out what's in season, search for "seasonal produce" online, or ask someone working at your local market.

Buy in bulk

  • You may save money by buying in bulk (if you will use large quantities) or stocking up on sale items.

ANOTHER WAY TO SAVE Buying foods that everyone in the family likes will help make sure that less goes to waste.

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