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Attachment II, Section IV. A. 8. (f), In accordance with s. 1932(b)(3) of the Social Security Act, the provider directory shall include a statement that some providers may choose not to perform certain services based on religious or moral beliefs.

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Choosing a Plan to Search for a Provider

From the drop down list choose the Plan name that matches the name in the lower right corner of your UnitedHealthcare ID Card:

M*Plus - MMA Medicaid Benefits Only with UnitedHealthcare

Health & Home Connection - Long Term Care (LTC) Benefits Only with UnitedHealthcare

M*Plus Connection - Both MMA and LTC Benefits with UnitedHealthcare
     Please note: M*Plus Connection Members can search for Medicaid providers by choosing M*Plus and for LTC providers by choosing Health & Home Connection when doing a provider search.

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The Preferred Drug List (PDL) is a list of prescription drugs. It is used for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and UnitedHealthcare government-paid health plans. Click on the link below to see the PDL.


Drugs Requiring Prior Authorization

Quick Reference Guide for the State Preferred Drug List Policies

Direct Member Reimbursement
If you receive a drug at an out-of-network pharmacy, the out-of-network pharmacy will not have the needed information to bill your drug to us. Under certain circumstances, such as an out-of-area emergency, you may be reimbursed for your medication. You will need to pay for the drug and then complete a Direct Member Reimbursement form to be reimbursed for the cost of the drug. 

Direct Member Reimbursement Form - English

Reembolso Directo Para Miembros (PDF 23.72 KB)

For Non-emergency transportation services in your area please call the UHC Community Plan Reservations Line at: 1-866-372-9891.

If you made a reservation and your ride is late or a change is needed please call UHC Community Plan Ride Assistance at: 1-866-372-9892.

For Over the Counter Medication and Supplies please call OTC Heath Solutions at 1-888-628-2770 to place an order.

For All Vision Services, please contact South Florida Vision for a Facility in your area at 1-877-393-2272.

Tip! Use this network from the drop- down menu: UnitedHealthcare Dental Florida Medicaid M Plus

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