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A dual health plan could help you get aspirin, vitamins and many other items at no cost

Posted: June 18, 2020

Last Updated Date: October 12, 2021

Have you ever needed something at the drug store, but you couldn’t afford it? That’s a tough situation, but it’s one some people with low income know all too well. 

Dual health plans are for people who have both Medicaid and Medicare. These plans include many extra benefits and features to help make life easier. One of the most popular is being able to get over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and other everyday health care products at no cost. That can help make a big difference to both your budget and your health.

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Buy hundreds of items you may need

Most dual health plans include OTC products credits. Instead of paying with cash, you can spend your credits to buy approved health care products. If you had a dual health plan, you could use your OTC products credits to buy a wide range of health-related items you may need. When you pay with credits, there’s no cost to you. 

Examples of approved health products may include:

  • Antacids, aspirin, cough drops and other OTC medicines
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, denture cream and tablets
  • Eye and ear care items
  • Cleansing wipes, bandages and first aid supplies
  • Thermometers, blood pressure monitors and more
Instead of paying with cash, you can spend your credits.

A variety of ways to buy

With most dual health plans, you can order health products through a catalog. You can also order by phone or online. The items are mailed to you. Some dual health plans may also give you a prepaid debit card. If so, you can use it at participating retail stores*.

New for 2022, OTC products and healthy food will be combined into 1

Starting in 2022, our dual plan benefits will get even better. To make things easier and more convenient, UnitedHealthcare will introduce one combined benefit called “OTC + Healthy Food.” You’ll still get credits to buy OTC products, plus credits to buy healthy food. Only now, both credits will be loaded on a single prepaid card. You can use it to shop at a thousand participating retailers and buy any approved OTC health care products or covered groceries you choose.

Also new in 2022, you’ll have the added option to get healthy food delivered to you from and some other retailers. Credits for OTC products and healthy food will be added to your prepaid card on the first day of each month. Any unused credits will expire on the last day of the month.

*NOTE: Benefits, features and/or devices vary by plan/area. Limitations and exclusions apply. OTC and Healthy Food benefits have expiration timeframes. Call the plan or refer to your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for more information.

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Please note: What dual-eligible plans you can get depends on where you live. To find a UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® plan for you, please search plans in your state.