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United. For Good.

We are so proud to serve the people of Pennsylvania, who motivate us everyday to do all the good we can for our great state.

United. For Action.

See the good work we're doing in communities across PA.


United. For Families.

UnitedHealthcare and United Access Center partnered to give Thanksgiving dinners to 200 low-income families in Philadelphia. The families who received the dinners are participants in the social services programs at the Philadelphia Access Center. The meal included a turkey with all the trimmings.

In Pittsburgh, UnitedHealthcare donated $5,000 to the KDKA Turkey Fund to provide meals to help those people in underserved communities be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday as a family.

An open letter to the people of Pennsylvania:

Allison Davenport, CEO UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of PennsylvaniaAllison Davenport, CEO
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania"

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