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Remember to get an annual wellness visit.


Your Annual Wellness Visit is an important part of your health care. It is included in your UnitedHealthcare health plan at no additional cost to you.

Most wellness visits take about one hour. During this visit, your primary care provider (PCP) will talk with you and learn about your current health. They will also do a physical exam and record your height, weight and blood pressure.

Your doctor might also suggest other important tests. These may include:

·         Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
·         Diabetes screenings 
·         Urine tests

 Depending on your age and health, your PCP may also suggest things like:

·         Lead screening
·         Immunizations
·         Annual dental visit
·         Flu shot
·         Chlamydia screening in women age 16 to 24 if sexually active
·         Mammogram
·         Colorectal screening
·         Prostate exam

The results of these tests will help your doctor know more about your health. They will also help your doctor see what has changed when you come back next year.

To schedule your annual wellness visit, you may call your PCP directly at the number listed on your member ID card.

If you have any questions about your health plan, our member advocates are here for you. Just call the toll-free number on
back of your member ID card. Or visit us online at myuhc.com/CommunityPlan.

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