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Choosing a PCP. 


Your primary care physician (PCP) is very important. This is the person who will have the most information
about you and your health. That’s why it’s important to choose a PCP you are comfortable talking to. Here are
some tips to help you choose:


Make sure your PCP is “in-network.”
You must use a UnitedHealthcare network doctor to be covered under your plan.

To find a list of “in-network” providers, click here.


Where is their office?
It’s a good idea to make sure you will be able to get to your doctor’s office easily. This might mean choosing a
PCP located close to your home or workplace. Or finding a PCP close to a public transportation stop. Also, ask
about office hours. Can you make appointments in the evening or on the weekend? For location and contact
information, click here.


Do they meet your special needs?
Do you have any pre-existing conditions, like diabetes? Do you have special language requirements? Do you
need a doctor who can also see your children? Different PCPs have different areas of expertise. Ask if they have
experience working with other people who have the same health needs as you.


Ask for referrals.
Knowing someone else who has had a positive experience with a doctor can provide real peace of mind. Ask a
friend, relative or co-worker if they have a doctor in the UnitedHealthcare network who they would recommend. If
you are moving, you can also ask your current PCP if they can recommend a doctor in your new area.


Make an appointment.
There’s no substitute for meeting your PCP in person. Call the doctor’s office to make sure they have openings
for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members. If they do, make an appointment to meet with the doctor to
make sure you will be comfortable working with him or her. Remember, your plan allows you to change your
PCP at any time. To change your PCP, just call UnitedHealthcare Member Services so we can update your
records and send you a new member ID card.

If you need help finding a PCP that fits you, or if you have any questions about your health plan, our member advocates
are here for you. Just call the toll-free number on back of your member ID card. Or visit us online at myuhc.com/

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