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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

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Member Handbooks

Member Handbook (English) (PDF 907.8 KB)
Member Handbook (Español) (PDF 989.75 KB)

News Bulletins

National Flu Campaign Questions and Answers: English (PDF 59.3 KB) | Español (PDF 30.29 KB)

Notice of Privacy Practices

We have a Notice of Privacy Practices that tells you how health information about you may be used and shared. We are required by law to let you know that the Notice is available, and how you can get a copy of it. You can download a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices below.


Member Rights

As a member of UnitedHealthcare, you have certain rights concerning health care.
Click here for more information in English (PDF 103.57 KB) or Español (PDF 108.13 KB).

Seasonal Flu Facts

Questions and answers regarding the seasonal flu vaccine.
Click here, for more information. (PDF 100.95 KB)

Quick Facts About H1N1

Learn some important facts about the novel H1N1 Flu, so you can help protect you and your family.Click here for more information. (PDF 99.89 KB)

Social Security Number Privacy

Protecting personal information is important to UnitedHealth Group companies, so we protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers that we receive. Read Bulletin Details Click here for more information. (PDF 25.12 KB)

Take Charge of Your Health: Get a Flu Shot

Flu season is here. The flu can be very serious. Getting a flu vaccine is your best protection against the flu. The best time to get your flu shot is October through December. You should talk to your doctor about having a flu shot. Or you can call our Customer Service Center.

Third Party Liability

A guide to understanding health coverage in New Jersey if you have Medicaid and Medicare and/or other health insurance.
Click here for more information. (PDF 474.08 KB)

Protect Your Children From Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning can cause serious health problems. You can't see it or smell it. Here's what you need to know to keep your kids out of danger. Click here for more information. (PDF 481.79 KB)

Citizenship Documents Required

There are new laws that may require you to show proof of citizenship in order to renew your health coverage. Click on a document below to read about what you will need:

English (PDF 84.96 KB)
Spanish (PDF 132.6 KB)
Chinese (PDF 194.71 KB)
Russian (PDF 127.41 KB)
Arabic (PDF 118.8 KB)
Nuer (PDF 123.74 KB)

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