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National Flu Campaign Questions and Answers:  English | Español

UnitedHealthcare OMWTM (UnitedHealthcare On My Way) is an interactive website that helps you get ready for real life. It’s easy and fun, and has important information all on one secure site.

Download the brochure to find out more about (PDF 595.87 KB):

Money: Set up a budget and learn about taxes.
Housing: Understand and compare housing options.
Work: Create a resume and learn interview tips.

And more!

Winter 2018 (English) (PDF 753.54 KB)
Winter 2018 (Español) (PDF 638.85 KB)


Fall 2017 (English) (PDF 500.14 KB)

Fall 2017 (Español) (PDF 471.96 KB)

Summer 2017 (English) (PDF 477.75 KB)

Summer 2017 (Español) (PDF 493.88 KB)

Spring 2017 (English) (PDF 480.68 KB)
Spring 2017 (Español) (PDF 468.67 KB)


Winter 2017 (English) (PDF 501.26 KB)
Winter 2017 (Español) (PDF 481.16 KB)

Fall 2016 (English) (PDF 381.45 KB)
Fall 2016 (Español) (PDF 393.27 KB)

Summer 2016 (English) (PDF 447.04 KB)
Summer 2016 (Español) (PDF 424.34 KB)

Spring 2016 (English)
(PDF 533.02 KB)
Spring 2016 (Español) (PDF 517.29 KB)

Winter 2016 (English) (PDF 411.55 KB)
Winter 2016 (Español) (PDF 389.54 KB)

Fall 2015 (English) (PDF 1.79 MB)
Fall 2015 (Español) (PDF 399.54 KB)

Summer 2015 (English) (PDF 516.74 KB)
Summer 2015 (Español) (PDF 399.75 KB)
Spring 2015 (English) (PDF 566.75 KB)
Spring 2015 (Español) (PDF 578.34 KB)

Winter 2015 (English) (PDF 620.51 KB)
Winter 2015 (Español) (PDF 643.05 KB)

Fall 2014 (English) (PDF 2.12 MB)
Fall 2014 (Español) (PDF 1.93 MB)
Summer 2014 (English) (PDF 631.25 KB) + Insert (PDF 114.89 KB)
Summer 2014 (Español) (PDF 623.6 KB)
Spring 2014 (English) (PDF 802.28 KB)
Spring 2014 (Español) (PDF 791.46 KB)
Winter 2014 (English) (PDF 774.75 KB)
Winter 2014 (Español) (PDF 622.03 KB)


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