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Welcome to the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Health Professionals area for Ohio providers!

Here you will find the information, forms, manuals and links you need to conduct business with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

UnitedHealthcare Responds to Ebola Concerns (PDF 80.08 KB)


Attention Providers 

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has recently changed its policy on record retention per OAC 5160-26-06.  The UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Provider Agreement has changed for the retention of all records, including medical records and financial documents. 

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) ICD-10 team will post monthly ICD-10 TIPS which will offer clarification and guidance to ODM providers and ODM staff on the transition to the ICD-10 codes. The following links will take you to ODM resources concerning the ICD-10 transition.

ODM ICD10 Web Page

The first ICD-10 TIPS


Please choose your topic of interest, by selecting one of the navigation buttons on the left-hand side of the page, or select one of the topics or products below to reveal our Contact Information, Provider Administrative Manuals and Forms.


Effective January 1, 2015, Ohio Medicaid and Medicare will begin to automatically enroll members in MyCare Ohio plans for both Medicare and Medicaid services. Letters will be sent to dually eligible consumers in early October:

o   Current MyCare Ohio Medicaid-Only members will be notified that they will be automatically enrolled in their current MyCare Ohio plan for Medicare (including Part D prescription drugs) and Medicaid services effective January 1, 2015, unless they request to remain Medicaid Only.   Members enrolled for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits are Dual Benefits MyCare Ohio members

o   Those newly eligible for MyCare Ohio will be provided notice of the requirement to enroll in a MyCare Ohio plan, listing the plan options available in their area.   Individuals who do not call to choose a MyCare Ohio plan will be automatically enrolled in a MyCare Ohio plan that has been pre-selected for them, for both Medicare and Medicaid Benefits. 


MyCare Ohio members may ask providers about enrolling as Dual Benefits or Medicaid Only benefits.  Advantages of Dual Benefits, integrating both Medicare and Medicaid services include: 

o   Providers bill one payer for Medicare and Medicaid benefits

o   The MyCare Ohio plan is the single source for member and provider information regarding Medicare and Medicaid benefits

o   Plans provide 24-hour access to Care Management, Behavioral Health Crisis and Nurse Advice lines


If members have questions about choosing a MyCare Ohio plan or about enrollment options, refer them to the Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline at (800) 324-8680.

Providers who do not have contracts with MyCare Ohio plans may be able to provide services to current patients/clients for a “transition period”. 

Physicians who are not contracted with MyCare Ohio plans may continue to serve MyCare Ohio Dual Benefits members for a period of one year after enrollment. 

MyCare Ohio plan networks are also open to new physician contracts at this time.  Contact the plans’ provider services with questions: 


MyCare Ohio Plan

Toll Free Provider Services Phone Number

MyCare Ohio Plan Website Address




Contact Us


Provider Call Center



(800) 600-9007
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 


Postal Mailing Address



UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
9200Worthington Road, 3rd Floor
Westerville, OH 43082


Claims Mailing Address



UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
P.O. Box 8207
Kingston, NY 12402


Utlization Management Appeals Address   



UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Attn: Complaint and Appeals Department
P.O. Box 31364
Salt Lake City, UT 84131
Fax: (801) 994-1082


Claims Appeals Mailing Address



UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Attn: Complaint and Appeals Department
P.O. Box 31364
Salt Lake City, UT 84131
Fax: (801) 994-1082


UHC Connected™ For MyCare
Ohio Appeals Mailing Address



Part C Appeals or Grievances:
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Attn: Complaint and Appeals Department
P.O. Box 31364
Salt Lake City, UT 84131
Fax: (801) 994-1082

Medicare Part D Grievances:
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Attn: Complaint and Appeals Department
P.O. Box 31364
Salt Lake City, UT 84131
Fax: (801) 994-1082

Medicare Part D Appeals:
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Attn: Part D Standard Appeals
P.O. Box 6103
Cypress, CA 90630-9998
Fax: (877) 960-8235


Provider Administrative Manual

Medicaid OH Provider Administrative Manual (PDF 657.55 KB)

UnitedHealthcare ConnectedTM for MyCare Ohio Medicare-Medicaid Product 

Provider Administrative Manual (PDF 888.15 KB)

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete (SNP)
UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete OH Provider Administrative Manual


EPSDT / Healthchek

Use these forms for appointments related to Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) / Healthchek.

Other Forms

Case Rate Agreement Letter (PDF 38.52 KB)
Obstetrical Needs Assessment (PDF 271.79 KB)
Coordination of Care (PDF 110.78 KB)
Botulinum Toxins Prior Authorization Form
(PDF 576.51 KB)

Prior Authorization Forms

Prior Authorization Form (PDF 157.92 KB)

Prior Authorization Fax Request (PDF 113.7 KB)

Quick Reference Guides

Ohio Par Quick Reference Guide (PDF 495.83 KB)
Ohio Non-Par Quick Reference Guide (PDF 509.55 KB)

Medical Injectables

To review the clinical criteria/guidelines used to conduct medical necessity reviews, please use this link: https://www.unitedhealthcareonline.com/b2c/CmaAction.do?channelId=ca174ccb4726b010VgnVCM100000c520720a____


Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines for Community Plans

Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines for Community Plans

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

UnitedHealthcare has developed Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines to assist us in administering health benefits. These policies and guidelines are provided for informational purposes, and do not constitute medical advice. Treating physicians and health care providers are solely responsible for determining what care to provide to their patients. Enrollees should always consult their physician before making any decisions about medical care.

Our Medical Policies express our determination of whether a health service (e.g., test, device or procedure) is proven to be effective based on the published clinical evidence. They are also used to decide whether a given health service is medically necessary. Services determined to be experimental, investigational, unproven, or not medically necessary by the clinical evidence are typically not covered.

Coverage Determination Guidelines are used to determine whether a service falls within a benefit category or is excluded from coverage. Coverage Determination Guidelines may address such matters as whether services are skilled versus custodial, or reconstructive versus cosmetic.

Benefit coverage for health services is determined by the enrollee's specific benefit plan document, such as a Certificate of Coverage, Schedule of Benefits, or Summary Plan Description, and applicable laws that may require coverage for a specific service. The enrollee's benefit plan document identifies which services are covered, which are excluded, and which are subject to limitations. In the event of a conflict, the enrollee's specific benefit document supersedes these policies and guidelines.

Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines are developed as needed, are regularly reviewed and updated, and are subject to change. They represent a portion of the resources used to support UnitedHealthcare coverage decision making. The information presented in these policies and guidelines is believed to be accurate and current as of the date of publication, and is provided on an "AS IS" basis. Additionally, UnitedHealthcare may use tools developed by third parties, such as the MCGTM Care Guidelines, to assist us in administering health benefits. The MCGTM Care Guidelines are intended to be used in connection with the independent professional medical judgment of a qualified health care provider and do not constitute the practice of medicine or medical advice.

Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines are the property of UnitedHealthcare. Unauthorized copying, use and distribution of this information are strictly prohibited. The MCGTMCare Guidelines are proprietary to MCGTM and are not published on this website.

When these medical policies are used to determine medical necessity, clinical guidelines will be applied in the following order:

1) State/Federal Guidelines and Contract Requirements
2) UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines
3) Milliman Care Guidelines

For UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Medical Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines, please click here.

Medical Injectables

Specialty pharmacy medications covered on the Medical Benefit may be provided through a variety of channels – home infusion provider, outpatient facility, physician, or specialty pharmacy.

For physicians who do not want to buy-and-bill a specialty pharmacy medication that is covered on the Medical Benefit, they may choose to source it through a network specialty pharmacy:

Network Specialty Pharmacy

Phone Number



BioScrip (offers nursing services)

• also a National Home Infusion Provider for Medical Benefit medications


The following specialty pharmacies may also provide specific categories of specialty pharmacy medications:

Network Specialty Pharmacy

Medication Category

Phone Number

Accredo (offers nursing services)

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher's Disease

Immune Globulin

Pulmonary Hypertension



Walgreens Infusion Services (offers nursing services)

Cardiovascular/Heart Failure

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher's Disease


Immune Globulin



CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher's Disease


Pulmonary Hypertension


Coverage of the requested drug is dependent on the member's benefits, and the availability of a specific drug from a network specialty pharmacy may vary.

The Specialty Pharmacy can deliver the medication to the healthcare practitioner's office or another site (ex. patient's home) upon request, and the Specialty Pharmacy will bill the patient's health plan directly.


Integrity of Claims, Reports, and Representations to the Government

UnitedHealth Group requires compliance with the requirements of federal and state laws that prohibit the submission of false claims in connection with federal health care programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Click here (PDF 38.15 KB) to download our policy.


If UHG Medical Policies conflict with provisions of a State contract or with state or federal law, the contractual / statutory / regulatory provisions shall prevail.

To see updated policy changes, select the Bulletin section at left.