AmeriHealth Caritas Members Transitioning to Community Plan

Starting Dec. 1, 2017, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will begin servicing IA Health Link members who were previously managed by AmeriHealth Caritas. If a member doesn’t present their new UnitedHealthcare Community Plan member ID card, please verify eligibility using their Medicaid State ID number. You may verify by calling the Eligibility and Verification Information System (ELVS) at 800-338-7752 or by signing in to their web portal here. You may also call UnitedHealthcare’s Provider Services at 888-650-3462. More information about the transition can be viewed on our Bulletins page. You can also use our tool for looking up in-network providers.

Please select the state where you practice.

Provider Training 


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

2017 Annual Care Provider Training (PDF 109.95 KB) - 9.21.2017

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation: Recognition and Reporting (PDF 315.79 KB) - 2.29.2016

Annual Provider Training Fall 2016 (PDF 148.45 KB) - 8.30.2016 

Behavioral Health Webinar Schedule (PDF 138.51 KB) - 3.13.2017

Care Provider Credentialing (PDF 57.77 KB) - 3.28.2016

Claims Submission and Prior Authorization Process Overview (PDF 254.31 KB) - 5.1.2016

Claims Submission Overview for CDAC and Waiver Care Providers (PDF 436.76 KB) – 3.10.2017

Critical Incident Reporting (PDF 84.87 KB) - 8.31.2017 

EPSDT Care for Kids Program Health Maintenance Recommendations (PDF 66.13 KB) - 12.01.2017

EPSDT Care for Kids Program Care Provider Training (PDF 458.9 KB) - 4.24.2017

Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Quick Reference Guide (PDF 795.52 KB) - 4.18.2016

Optum Provider Training for Behavioral Health Providers (Select: Iowa Medicaid Modernization Project - 12.8.2015

Our Coordinated Care (PDF 507.97 KB) - 3.1.2016

Person-Centered Treatment Plan Training (PDF 84.57 KB) - 9.28.2016

Provider Orientation for Acute, Hospital and Ancillary (PDF 197.4 KB) – 9.22.2017

Provider Orientation for HCBS Providers (PDF 511.84 KB) - 4.27.2016

Provider Orientation for Nursing Facilities for Long Term Care (PDF 370.06 KB) - 4.27.2016

Provider Training for Behavioral Health Providers (PDF 1.4 MB) - 5.4.2016

Supported Employment and Prevocational Services Changes (PDF 189.71 KB) - 10.6.2016

Targeted Case Management / Case Management Provider Training (PDF 1.64 MB) - 3.9.2016

Trauma-Informed Care Educational Series (PDF 160.34 KB) - 5.19.2016

UnitedHealthcareOnline Training Resources (PDF 128.94 KB) - 2.29.2016

View Recorded Claims and and Prior Authorization Process Overview (WMV 19.35 MB) - 3.16.2016

View Recorded Targeted Case Management/Case Management Provider Training - 3.16.2016


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