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You'll find all forms we currently use in the following list.

We're currently reviewing all forms in an effort to make it easier and simpler to work with us, so check back frequently to see what's changed.

IA Health Link

Abortion Necessity Certification Form (PDF 71.34 KB)

Adult HRA Form (PDF 512.53 KB)

Case Activity Report (PDF 64.06 KB) - 2.22.2016

Child/Pediatric HRA Form (PDF 568.81 KB)

Claim Dispute Form (PDF 191.93 KB) – 2.22.2016

Claim Reconsideration Form (PDF 198.87 KB) – 2.22.2016

Claim for Targeted Medical Care Form (PDF 325.29 KB) - 4.01.2016

Consent for Sterilization Form (PDF 33.75 KB)

Consumer-Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) Daily Service Record (PDF 79.15 KB) - 4.01.2016

Critical Incident Reporting Form (PDF 324.83 KB) - 4.01.2016

Election of Hospice Benefit (PDF 14.79 KB) - 2.23.2016

Entity/Group Provider Disclosure of Ownership and Control of Interest Form (PDF 594.98 KB)

Health Homes Member Disenrollment Form (PDF 98.67 KB) - 4.01.2016

Health Homes Member Enrollment Form (PDF 237.08 KB) - 4.11.2016

Individual Provider Disclosure of Ownership and Control of Interest Form (PDF 308 KB)

Medicaid Prenatal Risk Assessment (PDF 171.45 KB) - 3.2.2016

Member Appeal Form (English) (PDF 51.01 KB) – 12.20.2015

Member Appeal Form (Espanol) (PDF 52.45 KB) – 12.20.2015

PCP Change Form - IA Health Link (PDF 60.92 KB) - 4.15.2016

Prior Authorization Request Form (PDF 238.02 KB) – 1.27.2016

Revocation of Medicaid Hospice Benefit (PDF 10.33 KB) - 2.23.2016


Medical Injectables

Specialty pharmacy medications covered on the Medical Benefit may be provided through a variety of channels – home infusion provider, outpatient facility, physician, or specialty pharmacy.

For physicians who do not want to buy-and-bill a specialty pharmacy medication that is covered on the Medical Benefit, they may choose to source it through a network specialty pharmacy: 

Network Specialty Pharmacy

Phone Number



BioScrip (offers nursing services)

 * also a National Home Infusion Provider for Medical Benefit medications


The following specialty pharmacies may also provide specific categories of specialty pharmacy medications: 

Network Specialty Pharmacy

Medication Category

Phone Number

Accredo (offers nursing services)

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher’s Disease

Immune Globulin

Pulmonary Hypertension


Walgreens Infusion Services (offers nursing services)

Cardiovascular/Heart Failure

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher’s Disease


Immune Globulin


CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy

Enzyme Deficiency

Gaucher’s Disease

Pulmonary Hypertension


Coverage of the requested drug is dependent on the member’s benefits, and the availability of a specific drug from a network specialty pharmacy may vary.

The Specialty Pharmacy can deliver the medication to the healthcare practitioner’s office or another site (ex. patient’s home) upon request, and the Specialty Pharmacy will bill the patient’s health plan directly.


Utilization Guidelines
Utilization Guidelines, such as Milliman Utilization Care Guidelines, may be used as part of the prior authorization process. You may request a copy of a specific guideline by calling 1-888-650-3462.