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See the bulletins below to stay up-to-date on news, policy changes, and other issues important to your practice.

Credentialing Update: contact the National Credentialing Center at 1-877-842-3210 – Feb. 28, 2012

UnitedHealthcare Responds to Ebola Concerns (PDF 80.08 KB)

Provider Preventable Conditions: Health Care Acquired Conditions and Present on Admission Policy Update (PDF 24.65 KB)
Occular Screening Medical Policy Cancellation Notice (PDF 23.96 KB)
PPACA PCP Fee Increase Update (PDF 47.11 KB) - November 15, 2013
UnitedHealthcare Sequestration Implementation (PDF 93.07 KB) 
Prohibition of Claims Payment Beyond the Borders of the U.S. (PDF 41.21 KB)  - Jan. 17, 2012
HEDIS® 2012 Data Collection for UnitedHealthcare and Affiliated Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid Plans Notification - Jan. 26, 2012  (PDF 62.42 KB) 
HEDIS 2012 Frequently Asked Questions - Jan. 26, 2012 
(PDF 64.85 KB)Online Password Change  (PDF 19 KB) 
Transitioning to HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 - Important Information  (PDF 39.5 KB) 
Bright Futures™ — Our New Standard for Well-Child Care? (PDF 26.63 KB)  
Readmission Policy Reminder (PDF 119.6 KB)
Readmission Polilcy FAQ (PDF 248.2 KB)
New Medical Policy and Changes to Reimbursement Policies (PDF 174.08 KB)  - Effective November 16, 2013
New and Changed Reimbursement Policies - Effective May 2013 (PDF 60.18 KB) 
Important New Reimbursement Policy - Vaccines for Children (PDF 43.89 KB) - Effective 5/18/2013  
Provider Notification for November Payment Policy Updates/Changes - Nov. 1, 2012  (PDF 205.73 KB) 
New and Changed Reimbursement Policies (PDF 135.2 KB) - Effective Sept. 14, 2013
Maternity Admission Notification Update - January 2012  (PDF 27.15 KB) 
Secure Fax Alert for Medical Prior Authorization Requests - Oct. 12, 2011  (PDF 20.52 KB) 
Synagis Program  (PDF 52.46 KB) 
Synagis Program 5 Doses  (PDF 44.99 KB) 
New Policies Effective Aug. 14, 2011  (PDF 49.9 KB) 
Provider Alert: Orencia (abatacept) Reimbursement Policy Change  (PDF 31.26 KB) 
Annual Notification of Blood Lead Level Screening Requirements  (PDF 1.75 MB) 
2011 Disease Management Information for Providers (PDF 122.34 KB) 
Frequently Asked Questions: How to Handle Cost-sharing for UnitedHealthcare Dual Eligible Patients (PDF 61.15 KB)